Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ipsy - May 2013 Glam Bag - Swatches & Review

Ipsy - May 2013 Glam Bag

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Zoya Nail Polish - Blu

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Click to Enlarge - Excuse the gross polish job!

-Zoya is sold at many online stores and averages at about $8.00 US per bottle.
-A great place to get a good deal is Beauty Lounge which sells them for about $6.50 US
-If you are an Ipsy member they are currently having buy 2 get 1 50% off deal.

I am a huge fan of Zoya nail polishes! They use a non toxic forumla (5free - free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthlatates) and camphor) They have a great color selection and the application always goes on so nice and buttery smooth with little to no streaking. While I love the product I can't say that I am crazy about the shade that was sent to me (opaque powder blue) although I would love it as a wall color. The good thing about me is that my taste in polish colors change constantly so there is a huge chance I will wear it at some point in time :-)

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss - Pink

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-Juice Beauty is also sold in many online stores - Ulta, Dermstore, Amazon, etc.
-Price is $15.00 US for 0.28 oz
-Ipsy Deal - Receive 20% off any purchase of $30 or more at juicebeauty.com/ipsy

Juice Beauty is another brand that I really like for it's eco-friendliness and great variety of products. Alicia Silverstone is a contributor which is another huge bonus for me because I absolutely adore her! I am really looking forward to trying out her makeup line - check it out here.

As for the gloss, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the formula was. It made my lips buttery soft smooth without feeling filmy and sticky. The color is very sheer for my pigmented lips but I do not get the impression that it is supposed to be a heavily pigmented item. Overall I really like the gloss but I would only re-purchase it if I had a discount.

Pacifica - Coconut Crushed Pearl - Luminizing Body Butter

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-Pacifica products are sold in Sephora, Amazon, Target, Drugstore.com, etc.
-Price is $7.00 US for 2 oz. tube
-Ipsy Deal - Receive 20% off any purchase at pacifcaperfume.com with the code Beauty20.

I am not very familiar with the Pacifica brand but I can safely say that I really like what was given to me in this month's bag. 

This cream has a wonderful beachy scent and it makes my skin feel very fresh and smooth. The shimmer is slight and tasteful but I would prefer my lotions to be shimmer free. I would definitely re-purchase when I run out although I can't say that this is going to become a staple item. Not yet at least! :)

Pacifica - Island Vanilla & Tahitian Gardenia - Perfume Roll-On

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-Pacifica products are sold in Sephora, Amazon, Target, Drugstore.com, etc.
-Price is $12.00 US for .33 oz
-Ipsy Deal - Receive 20% off any purchase at pacifcaperfume.com with the code Beauty20.

I really like this scent. It's slightly sweet and very summery without being completely overpowering. Definitely a great roll-on perfume to slip into my bag. Not sure if I would re-purchase just yet but I can safely say that I will have my eye on Pacifica products going forward. 

Yaby Concealer in Buff

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Click to Enlarge - BUT BE WARNED! 

-Yaby Cosmetics are sold at http://www.yabycosmetics.com/ & camerareadycosmetics.com
-Price is - Palettes range from $12 - $21.99 US - Concealer Refills are $5.06
-Ipsy Deal - Receive 20% off your purchase with code ipsyluvsyabycc20

I have no experience what-so-ever with Yaby cosmetics but I have heard great things about the line. Stage makeup products are usually great.

As for the concealer, it really didn't do much for me but keep in mind that my under eye circles are VERY severe and puffy so this would probably work out well for a person with light - moderate discoloration issues. The texture was okay...a bit too cakey for me but I also have very crepey eyes.

I found this bag to be an 8 out of 10 in excitement value. I was very underwhelmed by my first few Ipsy bags but lately they have been quite amazing! 
A 7 out of 10 for providing products that I typically want to try out.

How did you like this month's Glambag? Which items did you receive?


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